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Fire Safety Course at ESC's IDHSE in Pune

Internationally Accredited Health and Safety Engineering Education

Internationally Accredited Health and Safety Engineering Education

Embark on a rewarding journey in fire safety with the world-class course offered at ESC’s IDHSE in Pune. Our fire safety program is designed to provide students with extensive knowledge and practical skills in fire prevention, control, and risk management. Upon completion, graduates are equipped to contribute significantly to fire safety and risk mitigation, making a positive impact in various industries.

Safety International Diploma

Enhance your educational profile with an additional
one or two years of qualification.

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Get Courses Details

Safety Diploma

The fire safety course at ESC’s IDHSE in Pune is a gateway to an internationally recognized diploma in health and safety engineering. This program is accredited by Qualifi and regulated by Ofqual and the UK parliament, offering students a credible and esteemed qualification. Moreover, it provides the opportunity for TSP status eligibility from BCSP, facilitating direct eligibility for the CSP exam without the need for ASP certification.
Join ESC’s IDHSE to pursue the fire safety course in Pune and become part of an esteemed community of safety professionals. With a focus on practical learning and real-world application, our program prepares individuals to address fire safety challenges effectively and contribute to creating safer environments for all.

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