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Benefits of BCSP ASP Certification


BCSP ASP Overview

Board of Certified Safety Professionals (BCSP) provides credentials to safety professionals to safeguard communities, workplaces, and the environment. The Associate Safety Professionals (ASP) certification is awarded to those individuals who perform at least 50% of professional safety tasks such as worksite risk assessments, hazard evaluation, incident investigation, record maintenance, and emergency response planning. To attain the ASP certification, candidates must have at least a Bachelor’s degree in any field or an Associate’s degree in safety, health, environmental studies, or a closely related field. Along with a minimum of one year of experience as a safety professional.

Benefits of BCSP ASP Certification

Successfully passing the ASP examination and obtaining the ASP certification validate a strong commitment to safety. The names and digital badges of qualified ASPs appear on the BCSP Credential Holder Directory.

ASP Salary Increases

Based on a 2020 BCSP survey, a full-time safety management professional with an ASP certification earns $98,000 per year, more than those with no certifications or licenses, while a certified SH&E professional earns $17,000.

Education and Certification

The ASP certification significantly enhances one’s professional profile, and by adding value to formal education related to safety fields such as occupational health and, environmental management, or industrial engineering.

Preferential Hiring

Candidates with the ASP certification may stand out among many with practical experience in industries. Their certification meets the criteria for safety positions in government organizations or any human resource department.

Gain Competitive Advantage

With the Associate Safety Professional (ASP) certification, you can gain an advantage among your peers. Your knowledge of fundamental safety concepts and expertise can make you a key member of any operational or design team.

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Is ASP Certification Worth it?

BCSP represents the gold standard in safety certification with CSP credentials. Attaining the ASP certification holds significant value, as ASP-certified safety professionals are universally recognized as the first step towards achieving CSP certification. ASP offers global job opportunities for safety practitioners in various countries like UK, Kuwait, Germany, and more. The worth of ASP credentials complies with internationally acknowledged standards that demonstrate expertise in safety management, risk assessment, and hazard control measures. The employment demand for ASP safety practitioners has been increasing in various sectors. As they have proved their value across different fields from private agencies to government agencies, healthcare, loss control, manufacturing, construction, petroleum, education, and mining.


ASP Professional in Workplace


  • Accident Prevention: ASPs excels at identifying workplace hazards, assess risks to minimize accidents through preventive measures for safety.
  • Higher Productivity: ASP presence strengthens employee’s security and job satisfaction by increasing productivity and reducing turnover rates.
  • Cost Savings: ASPs reduce costs by minimizing accidental incidents, medical expenses, and liability claims for worker’s compensation.
  • Safety Training Program: ASP safety experts educate employees through practical safety programs to reduce accidents & promote secure culture.
  • Improve Emergency Response: Associate Safety professionals are well-equipped to implement emergency response plans by conducting drills and training staff.
  • Enhanced Reputation: A company strongly committed to health and safety grows its reputation in the community and attracts new customers.

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Career Opportunities with BCSP ASP

An ASP accredited by BCSP offers various safety-related career opportunities, by offering positions at the technical level or in program management roles and one can also directly supervise employees in safety duties.


Safety Coordinator

EHS Specialist

Industrial Hygienist

Safety Engineer

OH&S Manager

Safety Consultant

Construction Officer

Safety Instructor


Why Safety Mastery for ASP Prep?

BCSP Syllabus

Safety Mastery "ASP Prep course" is regularly updated and aligned with the latest BCSP Exam Blueprint by covering all nine domains for the exam preparation.

Personalized Teaching

Our expert trainers offer personalized guidance for your ASP examination by closely monitoring your progress to ensure high scores.

Learning Resources

Safety Mastery offers an online ASP exam preparation course with high-quality video lectures and along with practice PDFs modules.

Live Doubt Resolution

With online connectivity, we engage students in virtual question and answer ASP exam discussions and personal

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