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BCSP CSP Certification Requirements


BCSP CSP Certification

Earning a CSP certification from the Board of Certified Safety Professionals (BCSP) is a significant achievement within the safety industry. BCSP is renowned for offering range of safety credentials that hold high respect for their contributions to safeguarding their communities. Achieving CSP status demonstrates professional recognition that you have met the gold standard requirements of safety, health, and environmental (SH&E) credentials. Performing risk-related duties and successfully completing challenging training to become Certified Safety Professional (CSP) demonstrates your commitment to ensuring the well-being of individuals at workplace. This leads to greater industry recognition along with various career opportunities in refining, manufacturing, and construction sectors.

CSP Certification Requirements

The BCSP has established specific requirements that aspiring professionals must fulfill to attain the CSP certification.

Education Qualification

According to the BCSP eligibility criteria, while submitting the application, one must have a minimum education qualification of a bachelor’s degree in any relevant field.

Work Experience

Individuals must have four (4) years of work experience by performing at least 50% of safety-related duties in the worksite as a safety professional demonstrating their expertise.

Alternative Qualification

Candidates also have the option to meet the CSP requirements by successfully obtaining a diploma from one of the 12 QEPs officially approved by the BCSP.

BCSP Application Review

Applicants must disclose convictions or credential suspensions under probation. BCSP reviews applications confidentially and retains the right to deny them.

Safety Diploma

Safety International Diploma

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Apply for CSP Online

  • To apply for CSP certification, go to BCSP.ORG and click on the My Profile portal located in the right-hand corner of the webpage.
  • After creating your account, click on the “Applications” menu button to start your exam application and choose CSP as choice of certification.
  • BCSP Certification Services will accept the application if you meet all the certification requirements.
  • Once determined eligible, candidates have one (1) year to take and pass the CSP certification’s examination.

CSP Exam & Fees Details

Sl.No Category Details
1 Name of the Course Certified Safety Professional (CSP)
2 Total Questions 200
3 Exam Duration 5.5 hours
4 Type of Questions Multiple Choice Questions
5 Exam Type Computer Based Examination
6 Application Fees $160.00
7 Individual Exam Fees $350.00
8 Exam Bundle Fee (Optional) $600.00
9 Eligibility Extension Fees $100.00
10 CSP Annual Renewal Fees $180.00

Steps to Safety Certification

Here are a few steps to increase your chances of success CSP examination:

  • Exam Format: The CSP test is computer-based with 200 MCQs in a closed-book format.
  • Relevant Study: Utilize various online resources and relevant study materials.
  • Mock Tests: Consistent mock test practice familiarizes you with the exam and enhance your actual performance.
  • Exam Day Revision: Staying calm on your exam day and revising your short notes will help you to memorize.
  • Certification Attainment: After successfully passing you earn CSP credentials to recognize your achievement.

CSP Certification Levels

Professional Growth

Certification levels are determined by industry experience and preferred fields with various job opportunities in Kuwait, Dubai and more.

Supreme Proficiency

CSP certification represents the highest level of expertise in the field of safety by achieving supreme proficiency and expanding skills.

Global recognition

Individuals with CSP status are globally recognized, earning them the utmost respect, as they are considered as safety experts.

CSP Salary

The Certified Safety Professional (CSP) earns more annually at higher levels of experience compared to ASPs or non-certified individuals.

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CSP Recertification Validity

  • Recertification Eligibility: Every CSP certification holder must participate in the recertification program and is required to stay updated with all the changes made by BCSP.
  • Record Certification: Please visit BCSP.ORG, log in and select My Profile, then choose the Recertification option to record the CSP recertification details in new worksheet.
  • Certification Cycle: The CSP recertification cycle occurs every five years, starting from your certification date on July 1 and ending on June 30.
  • Maximum Points: You can earn 25 points maximum for CSP recertification across 10 different activity categories under BCSP.
  • Extension Period: A CSP can apply for leave of absence (LOC) of 1 to 3 years, with a reduction of five recertification points granted each year of leave.


CSP Career Opportunities

Safety Manager

Safety Facilitator

Safety Advisor

Safety Specialist

Senior Safety Engineer

Senior EHS Manager

Safety Supervisor

Safety Coordinator

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