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BCSP ASP Examination


ASP Exam Information

The Associate Safety Professional (ASP) exam is designed to evaluate your core fundamental knowledge in safety, health, and environmental (SH&E) skills and practices to earn ASP certification.

The ASP examination is a computer-based test that consists of 200 multiple-choice questions, each with four possible answers of which only one is correct. Out of these, only 175 questions count toward your final score. The remaining 25 questions do not contribute to the final score but must be answered to assess your statistical knowledge. It is an entry-level examination for aspiring safety professionals. This exam is accredited by the BCSP and strictly prohibits the use of external reference materials during the test, as it is conducted under closed-book conditions.


ASP Exam Registration

To complete your examination registration successfully, it is very important to verify that your name and contact information must match your valid government-issued photo ID card before purchasing your exam.


Account Creation

To get started, visit BCSP.ORG and click on the “My Profile” portal located in the top right-hand corner of the webpage and create an account.

Begin Exam Application

Opening your account click on the “Applications” menu button to begin your exam application, and select ASP as your choice of certification.

Review and Approval

BCSP Certification Services will confidentially review your application, and will accept application if you meet all the certification requirements.

The Exam Fees

The ASP examination costs $350 for an individual and can only be obtained after your application has been approved by Board of Certified Safety Professionals (BCSP). If you require exam bundle, you must make an additional payment of $600. To acquire the examination, you have to log in to "My Profile," select the "Purchase Exam" option from the menu.

ASP Exam Time Limit

The maximum duration of the ASP examination is 5 hours. Candidates can take breaks outside the testing room within a designated area of the Pearson VUE controlled building. While leaving your workstation, you must sign out and follow all security protocols. Note: Please note that the exam timer will continue running during these self-scheduled breaks

Exam Result

Upon successful completion and submission, candidate's official ASP examination results are immediately displayed on the screen. After passing the examination, you will receive a notification from BCSP and will be awarded digital badges for certification. Recognizing your knowledge, you will be respectfully listed on BCSP Credential Holder Directory.

ASP Re-Exam

If a candidate fails to pass the ASP exam on the first attempt, they have the opportunity to retake the examination. As this ASP certification exam is known for its difficulty and low passing rate, there is no limit on the number of attempts. To purchase a new exam attempt, a minimum waiting period of six weeks must be observed between each attempt.

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BCSP ASP Passing Score

BCSP examinations follow a five-year revalidation cycle. During this process, the subject matter experts (SMEs) are involved in creating, revising, and reviewing exam blueprints. They use various methods to assess question difficulty and determine the minimum passing score. As of the latest update, the minimum passing score for the ASP certificate examination is 61%. Which means that to successfully pass the exam, you must answer at least 93 out of the 175 questions correctly.
(Mandatory: You must answer the remaining 25 ungraded questions for statistical purposes)


Exam Authorization Criteria

Note that you will lose your exam authorization and the fee you paid if:
  • Do not schedule, maintain, or arrive punctually for your appointment; or
  • Making unauthorized attempts to schedule or reschedule your appointment; or
  • Fail to bring valid government-issued photo identification with your name and signature exactly as it appears on your Exam Authorization Letter; or
  • Engage in unethical, unprofessional, or disruptive conduct at Pearson VUE; or
  • Bringing any notes, books, papers, purses, hats, coats, jackets, pagers, mobile phones, electronic devices, or other materials into the secure testing room.

For More Details, Please Contact

Pearson VUE ASP test center

You must adhere to all security procedures at testing centers, and we suggest contacting the location prior the exam day to learn about their specific procedures.

Note that BCSP provides test accommodations for U.S. and global candidates with documented disabilities under ADA/ADAAA.

Except for pre-approved circumstances, if you need accommodation for personal reasons, please email your request to

During the examination, candidates are provided with on-screen TI-30XS scientific calculator. (Hand calculators are not allowed)

Candidates accessing prohibited materials may face disciplinary action. Bring a government ID that matches your name with BCSP details.

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