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Diploma in Fire and Safety Course Duration Options

Fast-Track and 40-Day Programs

Fast-Track and 40-Day Programs

The Diploma in Fire and Safety course at ESC’s IDHSE offers distinctive duration options to cater to diverse learning preferences. Students can opt for the efficient fast-track program, completing the course in just 6 months, or choose the accelerated 40-day course for expedited learning.

Safety International Diploma

Enhance your educational profile with an additional
one or two years of qualification.

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Safety Diploma

The fast-track option is designed to provide a comprehensive educational experience within a shortened timeframe, allowing students to gain in-depth knowledge and practical skills in fire and safety management. Alternatively, the 40-day program offers an intensive learning environment, enabling candidates to swiftly acquire the essential expertise required in the field.

Explore the  duration options for the Diploma in Fire and Safety course at ESC’s IDHSE and embark on a tailored educational journey that suits your learning pace and professional aspirations.

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