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BCSP ASP Certification Requirements


BCSP ASP Certification

Board of Certified Safety Professionals (BCSP) provides credentials to safety professionals to safeguard communities, workplaces, and the environment. The Associate Safety Professionals (ASP) certification is awarded to those individuals who perform at least 50% of professional safety tasks such as worksite risk assessments, hazard evaluation, incident investigation, record maintenance, and emergency response planning. To attain the ASP certification, candidates must have at least a Bachelor’s degree in any field or an Associate’s degree in safety, health, environmental studies, or a closely related field. Along with a minimum of one year of experience as a safety professional.

ASP Certification Requirements

The Board of Certified Safety Professionals has established specific rules and requirements to receive ASP certification.

Education Qualification

One must have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in any field or an associate degree in safety, health, or the environment (with at least four courses of 12 hours or 18 quarter hours of study in the safety, health, or environmental domains)

Work Experience

Individuals must have one (1) year of safety experience with at least 50% of performing safety duties in worksite risk evaluation, incident investigation, record maintenance, and emergency response planning as safety professional.

BCSP Application Review

The applicants must disclose any criminal convictions related to credential actions. BCSP confidentially evaluates the information and reserves the right to reject any application if a candidate fails to meet the eligibility criteria.

Safety Diploma

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Apply for ASP Online

  • To apply for ASP certification, go to BCSP.ORG and click on the My Profile portal located in the right-hand corner of the webpage.
  • After creating your account, click on the “Applications” menu button to start your exam application and choose ASP as choice of certification.
  • BCSP Certification Services will review and accept your application if you meet all the certification requirements.
  • Once validates eligible, you have one year to take and pass the ASP certification examination.

ASP Exam & Fees Details

Sl.No Category Details
1 Name of the Course Associate Safety Professional (ASP)
2 Total Questions 200
3 Exam Duration 5 hours
4 Type of Questions Multiple Choice Questions
5 Exam Type Computer Based Examination
6 Application Fees $160.00
7 Individual Exam Fees $350.00
8 Exam Bundle Fee (Optional) $600.00
9 Eligibility Extension Fees $100.00
10 ASP Annual Renewal Fees $170.00

ASP Exam Preparation

ASP exam preparation will help you obtain ASP certification and become a certified safety practitioner in various safety-related fields from private sectors to government agencies.

Online Self-Assessment: The BCSP Self-assessment is available individually or as part of an exam package while paying ASP application fees. It helps candidates to develop the knowledge required for the ASP certification.

Safety Mastery ASP Prep Course: The online Safety Mastery ASP prep course provides in-depth training by covering each domain of the ASP Blueprint with video lectures presented by qualified teachers to successfully pass the ASP examination.


Recertification Validity

The overall learning outcomes of the Diploma are as follows:
  • Recertification Eligibility: All ASP certification holders must remain up to date with changes made by BCSP and actively participate in the recertification program.
  • Record Certification: Visit BCSP.ORG, login & select My Profile, select Recertification option and record the recertification details in your new worksheet.
  • Certification Cycle: The ASP recertification cycle occurs every five (5) years, beginning from the date you were certified starting on July 1 and ending on June 30.
  • Maximum Points: There are 10 different activity categories through which you can earn a maximum of 25 points for ASP recertification.
  • Extension Period: An ASP can receive a leave of absence from 1 to 3 years and can reduce recertification five points for each granted year.


ASP Entry level

For aspiring safety professionals, the ASP is an entry-level credential offered to start their career in various industries related to safety.

Advancement to CSP

Individuals can advance their ASP credentials to CSP as it fulfills the eligibility criteria for the Certified Safety Professional (CSP) examination.

International Recognition

The ASP credentials are internationally recognized in the field of safety with various job opportunities in countries such as Kuwait, Dubai, and Germany.

Salary with ASP

According to 2020 survey conducted by BCSP, on an average ASP-certified safety professional earns $98,000 per year and can increase with experience.

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ASP Career Opportunities

  •  Occupational Health and Safety Specialist (OHSS)
  •  Occupational Health and Safety Technician
  •  Safety Engineer
  •  Safety Coordinator

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