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Accredited Safety Courses in India with ESC’s IDHSE

TSP Status from BCSP and Global Exam Accessibility

TSP Status from BCSP and Global Exam Accessibility

Embark on a journey to strengthen your expertise in safety with accredited safety courses in India offered by ESC’s IDHSE. Our courses are designed to provide candidates with comprehensive knowledge and practical skills in the field of occupational health and safety.

The European Safety Council’s International Diploma in Health and Safety Engineering (IDHSE) at ESC’s IDHSE offers a credible and prestigious qualification that aligns with global safety standards. Candidates pursuing safety courses in India through IDHSE have the advantage of obtaining TSP status from the Board of Certified Safety Professionals (BCSP), which is instrumental in directly qualifying for the Certified Safety Professional (CSP) exam. This  value proposition positions ESC’s IDHSE as a leading provider of safety education in India by offering global recognition and accreditation.

Safety International Diploma

Enhance your educational profile with an additional
one or two years of qualification.

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Get Courses Details

Safety Diploma

One of the distinct appeals of pursuing safety courses in India with ESC’s IDHSE is the accessibility to write the exam from various locations globally. This feature allows candidates to complete their certification process with ease, enhancing the overall convenience and flexibility of the learning experience.

By choosing Safety Mastery as your course advisor, candidates can benefit from comprehensive support and guidance throughout their safety education journey. As an approved course advisor by the European Safety Council, Safety Mastery is committed to ensuring that candidates receive the necessary resources and mentorship to excel in their safety courses in India.

Whether you are beginning your safety education journey or seeking to advance your career in safety, ESC’s IDHSE offers accredited safety courses in India that provide a solid foundation for success in the occupational health and safety industry.

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